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An Omnichannel, User Engagement & Gamification Platform that enables Product, Digital and Marketing teams to —

Create Your Customer Data PlatformCreate Your Customer Data Platform

Create Your Customer
Data Platform

Capture user’s behavioral, demographic, psychographic, and transactional data from online and offline channels.

Analyze DataAnalyze Data


With more than 50 analytical reports and insights available on the dashboard. It also allows you to create custom reports.

Create Target User SegmentsCreate Target User Segments

Create Target
User Segments

Group users based on their behavior using Segmentation and Live-Rule engines that allow you to target them in real-time.

Improve Product & Feature AdoptionImprove Product & Feature Adoption

Improve Product &
Feature Adoption

Via dynamic in-app guidance created by using images, videos, screen-tips, and splash screens to systematically and continuously onboard users.

Achieve 1 to 1 Highly Personalized Communication At ScaleAchieve 1 to 1 Highly Personalized Communication At Scale

Achieve 1 to 1 Highly Personalized
Communication At Scale

Send Personalized & localized push/ web notifications, email, SMS, WhatsApp & In-app messages at the user’s preferred time.

Gamify User ExperienceGamify User Experience

Gamify User

Use purpose-built tools like badges, quizzes, opinion polls, mini-games, leaderboards to motivate users to visit & perform desired behavior again and again.

Build New Features That Your Users LoveBuild New Features That Your Users Love

Build New Features That
Your Users Love

Understand what your users want by asking them directly using: Micro-surveys, Opinion polls, Feature ratings, Likes/Dislikes.

Create More Loyal usersCreate More Loyal users

Create More
Loyal Users

Categorize users based on their loyalty index and reward users with virtual currency or points using behavioral reward program.

Upsell and Cross-SellUpsell and Cross-Sell

Upsell and

Based on the user’s behavior and demographics, present banner ads, full-screen ads, and custom ads to promote your own products.

Provide in the moment experiencesProvide in the moment experiences

Provide In The Moment

Using live rules engine and geo-fencing, nudge users in real-time, and trigger failure alerts to support teams.

Retain UsersRetain Users


Predict user churn and proactively interact. Make users earn points for their behavior via the behavioral reward program that will reduce users switching to the competition.

Provide Omni Channel ExperienceProvide Omni Channel Experience

Deliver Omni-Channel

With the ability to stitch data from multiple channels and unify, use it to communicate at the preferred channel of the user.

Automated WorkflowsAutomated Workflows


Use the Journeys module to create automated workflows targeting specific segments with a series of nudges that motivate them to complete the journey.

Acheive Product Lead GrowthAcheive Product Lead Growth

Acheive Product
Lead Growth

As a Customer Data Platform, Upshot.ai allows product, marketing, growth & support teams to align towards their common business objective.

Build Habit-Forming ProductsBuild Habit-Forming Products

Build Habit-Forming

Nudge users in the right context, drive them to exhibit the desired behavior, motivate them with surprise rewards for doing it.

Make Data-Driven DecisionsMake Data-Driven Decisions

Make Data-Driven

Using machine learning algorithms like LRFM, Regression, Time series, and Clustering to find user behavior patterns and use them to fine-tune campaigns.

Features that Supercharge your User Engagement, Adoption and Conversions

Analytical Reports and Insights

Get deeper insights into your user’s behavioral, transactional, demographic, sentiment, and psychographic data captured from both your digital touchpoints such as mobile apps, web portals, and offline channels such CRM and your existing systems of record.

Analytical Reports

Analytical Reports

The dashboard provides access to more than fifty off the shelf reports that include

2.Screen activity
4.Crash logs
5.Feature usage
6.User navigation
9.User profile, and many more…

Learn More

Custom Report

Custom Reports

Create reports that meet your business needs. You can define the x-axis, y-axis, and function to create a custom report and add that to the dashboard.

Action Report

Action Reports

Access data on how users respond to the engagement and gamification campaigns. Response events (such as open, skipped, responded, taken, played) are tracked and presented in the form of reports.

Download user-level response data in CSV or Excel format.



Analyze how your users navigate through the desired and undesired paths inside your application. Get insights on what are the significant events users perform between two steps in the funnel.

You can target users at every stage of dropout or conversion.

Segmentation & Rule Engine

This module allows you to segment users and creates live rules based on demographics, psychographics, behavior, and sentiment data in real-time, which helps in better targeting the users.



Create segments of users to a level of one using the most powerful segmentation engine. Use data captured from both online and offline channels along with the campaign response data while segmenting.

Segments are dynamically updated, and all future users who qualify for the applied filters will automatically get added.Learn More

Live Rules


Create rules based on the user’s behavior or location to trigger real-time actions on user-facing channels.

Trigger alerts to your backend systems based on your user’s behavior on your user-facing channels.

Onboarding Tools

Configure highly personalized onboarding sequences at every stage of your user’s lifecycle. Guide them to the highest value activities faster, which leads to better product and feature adoption.



Configure dynamic In-app guidance in the form of Interactive, Carousel, Video, Audio, Gif, and Image-based tutorials within your product.

Videos will stream via Upshot.ai CDN, and the tutorial payload will be available to store and present them on-demand within the application.
Learn More

Screen Tips

Screen Tips

Dynamically configure screen tips and choose animations using an easy to use WYSIWYG interface and push them on the fly on top of your mobile app and website screens.

Splash Screen

Splash Screen

Dynamically change your App’s splash screens to match the context such as season or festival or an event.

Engagement tools

Achieve 1 to 1 highly personalized and contextual communication across six different channels based on the user’s preference.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Provides an easy to create push interface that supports several layouts such as Push notifications with Images, Video, Buttons, Gif animations.

Leverage user’s behavioral data to personalize the message. Localize the content to support multiple languages, deep-link the message to direct users to the right sections in the app when they tap on the push notifications.
Learn More

Web Push Notifications

Web Notifications

Send notifications to your web users.

Supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers with an ability to deep-link the messages to specific pages and also add images. Choose an op-in style to motivate users to allow web notifications.

In-App notifications

In-app Messages

Create beautiful In-app messages for both your mobile and web users via its WYSIWYG interface.

Customize the look and feel, font size, number of buttons, background images, trigger points. The button re-redirections support deep-links, web URLs, custom URI, calling a phone number, and can even become a share button.

Data payload will be made available to the applications for a later use.

SMS & WhatsApp Notification

SMS and WhatsApp Messages

Send SMS/text and WhatsApp messages to your users.

Upshot.ai uses AWS SNS service to deliver SMS. It also supports integrations with 3rd party providers.

Email Notification

Email Notification

Choose from a list of pre-configured templates or create beautiful email messages using the drag and drop editor. You can personalize the subject and body using your user’s profile and behavioral data.

Upshot.ai uses Amazon AWS SES services to send emails. It also supports integrations with 3rd party email providers.

Gamification Tools

The purpose-built gamification tools will help you create core/viral loops of engagement. These tools support several gamification strategies that motivate your users to come back again and again and ultimately drive a habit-forming behavior.



Create beautiful Badges for both your Mobile and web users via its WYSIWYG interface.

Choose from an array of templates with an ability to upload your brand images as badge icons.
Learn More

Mini Games


Configure a mini-game on the dashboard on the fly. Customize the look and feel of the game, game mechanics, number of tries, frequency, and so on.

Upshot.ai has a library of 200 mini-games.

Opinion Polls

Opinion polls

Dynamically configure opinion polls and push them on top of your mobile and web products.

Users will see real-time results of the polls in the form of Bar and Pie charts when they participate.

Trivia & Leaderboards

Trivia and Leaderboards

Dynamically configure Trivia and Quizzes and push them on top of your mobile and web products.

Configure leaderboards and incentivize users with personalized offers based on their scores.

Custom Actions

Custom Actions

Create your own engagement nudge as an HTML page, and send that to a set of target users by rendering the HTML within your mobile and web users.

Feedback and NPS

Capture NPS, Feature level feedback from your users, Optimize your app store rating and Refine your product roadmap

Micro Surveys

Micro Surveys

Upshot makes collecting feedback effortless by using in-app micro surveys. Configure a survey and push it on top of your mobile and web channels.

The survey questions support free text, single select, multi-select, Slider, Smiley, and star rating questions. It also enables you to create branching and conditional surveys.Learn More

Rating Request

Rating Request

Optimize your App store rating by configuring a conditional rating request on the dashboard.

Direct all the 4/5 star ratings to the App store and capture user’s complaints within the App.

Rating styles supported are – Star, smiley, slider, like/dislike.

Net promote scorer (NPS)


Capturing Net Promoter Score has never been so easy. Configure and run NPS surveys on your Mobile and Web channels.

Rewards and Loyalty Tools

Reward users for their behavior and let them create value for their actions within your product. This makes it hard for them to switch to the competition.

Behavioral Rewards

Behavioral Rewards

Use the behavioral rewards module to
1. Create virtual currency/ points
2. Create Loyalty tiers
3. Configure rules on user’s behavior
4. Reward them when they qualify for the behavioral rule



Create personalized offers to your users. Control who can claim it and how many times.

Upsell and Cross-sell

Promote your own products to your users via the Ads module. Upsell/ cross-sell and recommend products based on your user’s geographic, behavior, and transactional data.



Upload creatives such as Images, Audio files, Videos, Gif images in the media library on the dashboard and use them to create a full screen, banner, and custom position ads.

Ad Units

Ad Units

Group ads and present them to different segments of the users based on their geography, behavior, and transactions.

Prediction and ML-driven Insights

Upshot.ai uses predictive analytics, and ML-driven insights to predict churn/ conversion and find hidden patterns of usage. This will help you to interact pro-actively and also fine-tune your messaging, channels, and your overall campaign strategy.



The prediction algorithms will provide you with segments of users who are highly likely/moderately likely/ least likely to churn or convert so that you can proactively interact with them.

ML Driven Insights

ML Driven Insights

As part of the Upshot.ai Customer engagement operations, the Data Science team will help you with additional insights from your data applying models such as RFM, Regression, Clustering, Time series, and more.

Data Management

Upshot.ai provides a highly secured environment and supports complex and large data sets. As a Customer Data Platform, it makes it easy for you to Manage, Transfer, and Monitor your data.

Media Library

Media Library

Upload creatives like Images, Videos, Audio files, Gifs, which can be used while designing engagement and gamification campaigns.

Data Import and Export

Data Import and Export

The import and export functions will enable to and fro transfer of data. Upshot.ai supports three ways to do this

  • S3 Uploads
  • Event Streaming Queues
    such as Kafka, Kinesis, RabbitMQ
  • API



Create aggregates of data. Aggregate functions like Sum, Average, Count, Min Value, and Max value. Use these aggregates while creating segments, custom reports, and live rules.

Events Manager

Events Manager

Access all the data points captured from the digital and offline channels. Configure the names and data types. Use the configured events while creating segments, custom reports, and live rules.

Live Events

Live Events

See all the users who are currently using your application at that moment. It displays data about every activity the users perform in real-time.

Journey Builder

Create seamless and consistent cross-channel automated workflows. Send nudges to users across the customer lifecycle on their preferred channels to engage and improve conversion. Upshot provides an easy drag-and-drop interface to design journeys for specific segments.

Journey Builder

Client Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time would it take to integrate and go-live?
Integrating Upshot.ai consists of two phases:
a. Integration strategy (1-2 weeks): Understand your product & business goals and define key KPIs/ Metrics, Identify events and attributes to be captured and integrated, Design high-level campaign strategy.
b. Actual integration and testing( 2-3 weeks)The entire integration process will be completed within 3-4 weeks.
How much effort is required by our developers to integrate?
It would take approximately 1-2 weeks of your developer time for integration.
How fast does the SDK display the Upshot.ai interaction in the app/ website? Can the display be delayed/controlled?
If the interaction needs images, the SDK downloads the images in the background and presents them when the display condition is fulfilled (i.e. consumer reaches the right screen in the app or displays the expected behavior).
If the interaction needs videos, the SDK does not download any video, rather Upshot.ai streams the video to the consumer via its CDN.
Any delay in the SDK’s display process can be configured during the integration progress.
What does SDK integration mean?
The process of capturing end user’s behavioral, transactional and attitudinal information and passing it to Upshot.ai which in turn provides this information in the form of reports and insights.
It also includes integrating the upshot.ai nudges that will enable the business to interact back with the users.
What does it take to integrate Upshot.ai SDK into the mobile app/ Website?
As a one-time activity, Client and Upshot.ai teams could work together to identify the key metrics that matter for their product, then identify the events/places within the app where the required data needs to be captured.
If the app changes after initial integration i.e. app features are added/modified, the teams could consider revisiting the event capture relevant to the changes only.
If we are already capturing analytics and consumer segments in an existing tool, will Upshot.ai be able to take those segments in and run campaigns on them?
Yes, Provided the client’s existing tool should have the ability to push data to Upshot.ai via an API.
In what format do I need to pass information to Upshot.ai SDK?
You need to pass the data as dictionaries for the respective platform (More details provided in SDK documentation). Every data to upshot.ai is sent as an event which is a Key, value pair.
Do we have to perform integration every time I release a new feature?
For mobile apps every time when you release a new feature and publish a new version to Appstore and Playstore then you need to integrate the latest additions with Upshot.ai SDK.
Upshot.ai will be able to capture those new events for all users who updated their app to the latest version.
For websites, you can dynamically pull data when a new feature is released.
What is the frequency at which you will release new versions of the SDK?
We release an updated version of the SDK every 3 months. This release includes:
a. Support for the latest OS versions of iOS and Android
b. New Features Added to the Platform
c. Bug fixes
How does the SDK affect app performance?
The SDK has been designed to have a negligible impact on app performance from a consumer perspective. So far the SDK has been integrated into several games, consumer apps, and websites and has not received any complaints about the SDK impacting app performance negatively.
How will the SDK integration impact the size of my Apps?
The executable file size of your iOS binary would increase by approximately 4MB and Android by 2.5MB after integration. So, if your App is 20MB it would become approximately 24MB on iOS and 22.5MB on Android
How data privacy is handled in Upshot.ai?
By default, Upshot.ai SDK does not automatically capture ANY consumer PII( Personally identifiable information)
1. During the integration of Upshot.ai SDK with your mobile app or Website, you can decide what is to be captured and what should not be.
2. If PII data such as email ID, Phone number are sent they will be masked at upshot.ai side while storing in its database and no one will be able to read the data even if they have access to raw data.
3. Each client’s data in the Upshot.ai cloud is stored within its own isolated logical container. As Upshot.ai is deployed on AWS, the hard disks used by Upshot.ai are encrypted as per AWS standards.
4. Upshot.ai does not sell one client’s data with other or any 3rd party agencies.
5. Upshot.ai SDK encrypts each data point while sending to Upshot.ai servers and the server validates the incoming data by matching the encryption key to avoiding any mid man intrusions.
How is data security handled in Upshot.ai SDK?
While integrating the SDK you need to use the Account ID and App ID that are available on the dashboard configured for your account. These IDs will serve as the address for the data to be stored on the Upshot.ai cloud which is hosted on AWS.
All the data that is being captured by the App and passed to the SDK will use these IDs while sending data out via APIs. All APIs use HTTPS
Each data packet is encrypted with the combination of App and Account ID along with a custom OTP generated by the SDK which is then validated by the server to avoid mid man hacking.
Where does the data reside and who owns the data?
The data resides on Amazon AWS hosted and managed by Upshot.ai. Every client’s information is stored on a multi-tenant architecture. Clients will own their data and it will not be shared/sold to any other client or 3rd party agencies
How long will you retain the data on your servers and what happens after that?
The data on Upshot.ai servers will be retained for 5 years with 3 years of data accessible via the dashboard and 2 years of data will be archived. Post 5 years you can decide to take the old data into your systems or it will be deleted from upshot.ai permanently.
If you have the mandate to maintain the data on Upshot.ai for more than 5 years then those requests will be considered and dealt separately at additional cost.
What happens to our data if we want to move away from Upshot.ai in the Future?
You will have the flexibility to take a dump of all the data captured so far on Upshot.ai in raw format for a one time cost depending on the size of your data.
How much will I have to pay for using Upshot.ai?
Upshot.ai operates as a SaaS( Software as a Service) model. We engage with our clients on an annual contract. There are four components in upshot pricing and would vary based on the number of products integrated.

ONE TIME INTEGRATION Integration of Upshot.ai into your product. Configuring the dashboard. STANDARD PLATFORM COST
STANDARD PLATFORM COST Platform cost for using the product. Monthly fee
Usage cost Based on monthly active users. There is a fee per active user Monthly fee based on the number of monthly active users
Customer success operations To execute engagement operations Monthly fee based on the number of hours spent by the customer success team

How do you calculate MAU?

If a user visits a mobile App or Website at least once a month they become an MAU for that month. If a user interacts with the business via an offline channel such as a store visit, contact center, etc performs at least one transaction/interaction in a month, and if that transaction/ interaction info is sent to Upshot.ai via an integration then that user becomes an MAU for that month If a user qualifies as both a digital and offline MAU then Upshot.ai considers the user as a single MAU and will not double charge the client.

What does one time integration setup mean?
One time integration setup includes application of customer success framework to the extent of integrating SDKs into your Mobile Apps and Website, API integration into your systems of record, Configuring and setting up your dashboard etc till the point your product goes live with Upshot.ai integrated into it.
Is this a recurring fee?
Yes, Upshot.ai is a SAAS platform with a minimum contract period of 1 year and clients will be billed quarterly upfront.
Contracts will be auto renewed after a year and can be terminated with a 30-day prior notice at any stage.
How many products does it support?
There is no limit to the number of products that can be added to the dashboard.
What do you mean by a product?
For Upshot.ai a product is a mobile app on iOS, Android and a Website doing the exact same thing.
For example, a company managing an e-commerce app available on iOS, Android and a website are considered as a single product. The company can also send offline interactions such as store visits, call center interactions, etc to upshot.ai which is considered under the same product.
Can I try this product for some time and then Pay for it if I like it?
Sure, If you want to try the product for a few months before being charged. You can sign a contract for 15 months where the first three months will be free and the billing starts from the 4th month. If you do not like the product you can cancel the subscription with a 30-day notice anytime.
Can I use only a few features in Upshot.ai? Will that impact my pricing?
Yes, you can subscribe for selected features and we will be able to customize the pricing based on your selection. However if pricing is the only concern for you then we would recommend you to utilize the entire product and let us know your budget so that we can work on mutually agreeable terms.
What support will I get if I encounter any issues or bugs in your product?
We have a well defined QA process for product releases and updates which ensures the features that are being made available for you to use are thoroughly tested and validated.
In case of any issues or bugs that you face, we have standard SLAs for support which ensure 4 hour response on the issue reported during business hours. In case of holidays and weekends it will be the next working day.,
In case of emergencies the customer success team will always be available on Skype/ Slack channels to provide instant support.
How do I access the SDK and help documentation?
Once you sign up with Upshot.ai a dashboard will be configured for you where you get access to all the documentation
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