Tutorials is one of the actions that Upshot provides. Create a Tutorial to

  • Help a new user to understand the application better.
  • Inform the user about a new feature in your app.
  • Encourage the existing user to explore other sections of the app.

    Step 1: Go to Tutorials in Onboard section.


    Step 2: Click on Create..

    Step 3: Fill in the following details.

    Name Give a name to your tutorial
    Tags Select the tags.
    Select the Type of Tutorial Swipe/ Interactive.
    Number of Buttons Select the number of buttons. Note that if there are no buttons in your tutorial, allow to skip will be selected by default.
    Rounded Corners for Buttons Check this if you want rounded corners for your buttons.

    Step 4: Design your buttons

    Bg color Select the background color of the button
    Font Color Select the font color for the text on the button
    Font Size Select the font size
    Style Select a style for the text
    Button Name Give a name to the button.
    Button Link Select the type of action that should be performed on clicking the button. If it is a deep link, enter IOS/ Android URL respectively.

    Step 5:

    Select a image resolution for each device size.Note that one resolution has to be made default, so that if the sdk does not get information about the user device size, the default image will be sent.


    Step 6:

    Click on create on top right corner. The tutorial will be saved and will be in draft status.


    Click on the draft to make it active. View the tutorial by clicking on the eye. Duplicate the tutorial by using the plus sign. Edit and delete actions can be performed only in draft status