Step 1: Navigating to Actions


STEP 2: Create a Rating Request


Add the description asking user to rate your app or a single feature. The size of the pop up will adjust to the amount of text added. The UI specifications are fixed during SDK integration.

Step 3: Choose type of Rating Request

You can send out a rating request either in the star format or like-dislike. Select from options given on right.


Step 4: Defining the flow for your rating

Type Of Rating:

Star rating and like dislike

Redirect To App Store:

Give your store URLs here, mention the rating number. So if rating is more than the selected level the user will be sent to the store.

Capture Feedback:

In case the user answers below the defined level of rating (3 in this case), he will be asked to enter feedback.

Allow Skip:

Use this checkbox to allow user to skip on any screen of the pop up. Click on finish.


Step 5: Saving the rating

  • Give a name to the rating.
  • Enter the tag name in the tag section. This tag name would define the trigger point for the rating. Go to tags under Manage Data to view all the defined trigger points for the app.
  • Click on create to create your rating request.
  • Step 6: View ratings

  • The rating once created will enter the "Draft" status.
  • Click on the draft status to create the rating.
  • Edit is possible only for ratings in the draft status.
  • Active ratings are available in the campaigns section.
  • View, edit or delete already created ratings by clicking on respective icons under actions.
  • ratingr1.png