Step 1: Navigating to Opinion Poll

Navigate to Gamify and select opinion poll. Click the create button on top right corner to start creating a poll.


Step 2: Create a Poll

Fill in the first question of the poll and the options. Click on add options to add more options to your question. The UI specifications are fixed during SDK integration. Fill in the thank you message.


Step 3: Choose the Graph

Select either bar or pie chart to show responses of the poll.


Step 4: Saving the Poll

  • Give a name to the poll.
  • Enter the tag name in the tag section. This tag name would define the trigger point for the survey. Go to tags under content management to view all the defined trigger points for the app.
  • Allow Skip? This will add a skip button to every screen of the poll allowing users to skip without completing the poll.
  • Click on create to create your poll.
  • skipimage.png

    Step 5: Viewing Polls

  • The poll once created will enter the “DRAFT” status.
  • Click on the draft status to create the poll.
  • Edit is possible only for polls in the draft status.
  • Active polls are available in the campaigns section.
  • View, edit or delete already created polls by clicking on respective icons under actions.
  • opinionpoll2.png