Campaigns module helps you push actions to segmented users. Run a campaign to link an action to a segment. Before running a campaign you should create a segment and an action (survey/poll/rating/add/push).

Step 1: Navigating to the campaigns section


Click on Campaigns in the left hand side menu.


Click on create campaign.

Step 2: Fill in Campaign details


“Notify the User”:

We recommend to combine push with actions to achieve better responses from the users. For e.g. An In-App offer + Push will increase chances of getting more responses.

Step 4:View Campaigns

Campaign summary:

The campaign list screen provides you with a quick snapshot of the campaign details such as Name of the campaign, Duration of the campaign, Targeted segment along with :


The number of users in the segment for the campaign


The number of users the campaign was actually sent to


The number of responses received

The Bell Icon:

Shows if the campaign is associated with a push notification or not


Draft : When a campaign is created, this is the first state which allows you to edit details clicking on the draft state will start the campaign and makes it active.

Active : When campaign is running, the status will stay active unless made inactive by choice.

Inactive : Shows the campaign is not live currently. Clicking on inactive status will make the campaign again.

Expired : When a campaign runs through its duration then its status will be Expired.


You can edit campaign details only when it is in Draft status.


Tapping on this button will delete a campaign.