The action reports section includes reports that provide you with information about various actions such as Surveys, ratings, opinion polls, tutorials, in app messages, badges, screen tips, mini games, trivia and custom actions created in the Dashboard and are run using campaigns. These reports track the performance of the campaign selected. Each report will have summary of the responses displayed on the Dashboard as well as a detailed downloaded version which helps you to check user wise responses for the actions displayed to the user. These reports are updated on an hourly basis.
In Dashboard, for all the action reports the following common details are displayed.

  1. Action Name - The name of the action which is associated with the campaign

  2. Segment Name - The name of the segment on which the campaign has been run

  3. Total Users - Total number of users in the system

  4. Targeted Users - Number of users in the target segment who will receive this action popup.

  5. Responses received- Total responses received which includes skip responses from various platforms (IOS, ANDROID, MOBILE WEB, DESKTOP WEB, UNITY_ANDROID and UNITY_IOS). Pie graph displays the total responses from all the platforms of the application. Only for email notifications, pie graph shows Sent, Read and Bounce counts.

  6. Delivered Successfully - Total notifications delivered successfully would be displayed in case of Push and Email notifications instead of responses received.

  7. Badges Earned - For Badge action report dashboard display will show the number of users who have earned badges.

  8. Campaign Details - Start and End date of the Campaign with the Status of the campaign (Active, Expired). Please note that action reports are unavailable for inactive or draft campaigns.

  9. Day wise responses received (showing last 10 days data) - The day wise responses which are received in the last 10 days based on the current date.

Apart from the above details, each action report would display details which are specific to that particular action. For example, it would include platform wise responses, Skipped responses, Option based responses in case of Surveys, Trivia and Opinion polls, Screen wise responses in case of Tutorials and Screen tips.
Below is a detailed summary of parameters included as part of the Dashboard display for action reports.

SNo. Action Report Parameters included in Dashboard display
1. Surveys
2. Push Notifications
3. Email Notifications
4. Ratings
5. Opinion Polls
6. Tutorials
7. In-App Messages
8. Badges
9. Screen Tips
10. Mini Games
11. Trivia
12. Custom Actions

When you click on the download icon in an action report, you will be asked to select user profile details and custom app attributes before downloading the report in a pop-up. It is not mandatory to select the details but by default App UID and User ID are selected in the pop-up. Currently, we don’t have user details pop-up for push and email notifications.

actn_ratngrept.png actn_choosedtapt.png

Once you click on “Export”, the report is exported to the account email address and can be downloaded from the email sent by Upshot.


The subject of the email has the Campaign name and the body has the type of the action report mentioned in it. When you click on “Download Report”, the report will be automatically downloaded to your desktop/laptop/mobile.


Each downloaded report consists of two tabs - First tab has the campaign and action details and the second tab gives you detailed user wise responses for the action.


User wise responses will include all the parameters chosen from the pop-up ie., user profile details and custom app attributes before exporting the report. Please note that these details will be displayed in the report only if the app sends that information to Upshot.

SNo. Action Report Parameters in Downloaded report
1. Surveys
2. Ratings
3. Opinion Polls
4. Tutorials
5. In-App Messages
6. Badges
7. Screen Tips
8. Mini Games
9. Trivia
10. Custom Actions