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Travel Analytics and Consumer Insights

Travel agencies can access a wealth of information from their passenger databases. Upshot can help them translate this data into actionable insights to drive additional sales, while improving customer experience by anticipating customer needs.

Get the reports you want:

Winning in travel, and tourism requires the ability to uncover unique insights about consumers, brands and operational performance. Upshot helps clients apply needs-based research and segmentation techniques that get to the real drivers of consumer behavior and help identify the most promising target groups.

  • Number of bookings per day
  • Top 10 travel destinations of the month
  • Percentage of repeat travel bookings
  • Seasonal demand analysis
  • Bookings made to recommended destinations per week
  • Number of canceled bookings per week
  • Demand Forecasting

Travel Recommendations

The competitive advantage in today’s travel and hospitality industry is driven by the ability to anticipate and proactively meet the needs of customers. Upshot enables you to understand the choices and consumption patterns of your users based on their past purchases and travel searches and recommend them the right travel packages and destinations.

Increase in spending per capita by customers who received the personalized recommendations.

Reputation Management

Consumers are writing reviews and providing ratings and recommendations which can strongly influence other potential travelers who access digital media for travel related queries.Seek feedback from your users using Upshot at the appropriate engagement moments when they are most likely to be delighted.

App store ratings went up to 4.5 from 3.1 for a travel app

Upshot sends the happy users to the app store thus boosting your app store rating and lets you handle the unsatisfied users within the app, avoiding negative reviews on the app store.

Brand Engagement and Retention

Actively engage with your users by sending them personalised emails, in-app messages and push notifications using Upshot. Make your app more fun using Upshot mini games and give away reward points or coupons to the winners. Develop a sense of community by conducting opinion polls on app features, services or travel destinations.

A travel app witnessed a 20% rise in bookings to destinations which ranked higher on opinion polls conducted using Upshot

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