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Retail Analytics

Our retail analytics solution is designed to provide you real-time insights into your customers, merchandising, promotions, and marketing to help you develop a unique competitive advantage. You can a/b test offers and directly track growth via KPI’s like NPS, cart abandonments and revenue.

Get the reports you want:

  • Cart Abandonment Rate
  • Top 10 brands of the month
  • Percentage of repeat purchases
  • Demand Analysis
  • Retail Conversion Rate
  • Size of an average shopping cart

Drill into the data collected, find insights, make strategic changes and watch your metrics GO UP LIKE A SMILE!

Omnichannel Feedback

Collect data from users across all your touchpoints. Each of these surveys can be timed and personalised elevating user experience. You can choose from an array of tools like surveys, ratings, polls and send these to users via push notification, in-app pop ups or emails. Use Upshot kiosk ipad apps to capture feedback in the store.

Average users' response to Upshot surveys

Product Recommendations

Upshot knows user’s purchase patterns. Club this with qualitative feedback gathered from users and recommend new products and categories to them. Showing recommendations at the right time to the right users leads to a direct increase in customer delight and sales.

Average users who purchased products recommended by Upshot


Boost customer loyalty by understanding their consumption behaviour and needs, and offering them a personalised shopping experience. Provide targeted promotions and offers to customers based on their preferences and buying patterns. Combine this intelligence with offer acceptance rate and use these insights to design new offers.

Designing a great offer for a specific segment of customers is just a part of the win. Rest depends on How and when do you show the offer to your customers. Upshot provides well timed in-app and web offers along with push and email as channels to gift offers to users. You could award in-store offers to users at the kiosk.

Average boost in coupon usage

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