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Installed a tool to grab crash logs? We do a lot more.

  • Crash Reporting: Upshot notifies you of any crash that occurs with additional information like app version, users affected and reason for the crash.
  • Post Crash Support: You can use Upshot to retain users who had bad user experience due to a crash by sending them an automated apology message


Getting regular feedback from your users plays an important role in your app's evolution. We make qualitative data collection less intrusive and relevant. Design your own templates of collecting data and time them perfectly. Segment users based on their responses and relevant actions.


Seek feedback from your users at appropriate engagement moments when they are are most likely to be delighted. Upshot sends the happy users to the app store thus boosting your app store rating and lets you handle the unsatisfied users within the app, avoiding negative reviews on the app store.

App store ratings went up to 4 from 3 for a social alarm app

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