Our Solutions for
Product Validation

Usage Intelligence

Know your star features. Understand how users tend to flow through various screens of your users and what are the drop off areas.

Upshot analytics will give you all the reports you need to understand about usage behaviour of your app and work on improvising the UX/UI.

Pilot Testing

Release your MVP to a specific geographical area or set of users opting to participate in your pilot test. Combine analytics with qualitative feedback on every feature they use.

A healthcare company ran a pilot test with 2000 app users to define its future product roadmap. Only five of the ten features of the test app were released in the final product based on the response received in the pilot study from the users.

Response rate for pilot studies increased from 10 % to 90 %

Feature Retention

How often do users come to the app? - not good enough anymore! Upshot helps product owners help understand how often users come to the app to use a particular feature.

You can now create cohorts based on features as well.

Consider for example: How often did your users come back to the app to complete a purchase after adding products in the cart on 1st of this month.


Seek feedback at the appropriate engagement moments when user's are most likely to be delighted. Upshot sends the happy users to the store helping your store ratings go up and handles the complaining users within the app avoiding a lot of negative comments on the store.


Cross-selling is a good way to offer your existing users a targeted alternative or add-on, giving them a lucrative opportunity to convert. You can do this effectively by identifying the perfect the user group to be targeted.

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