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Product Onboarding

Are you still stuck on product manuals? Upshot provides smart onboarding tools like help tips, videos and tutorials for mobile and website applications. Use these tools to help new clients install your products and learn more about them.

Upshot reduced installation help focused customer care calls by 48% for a water purifier company.

Maintenance and repair

Interested in reducing your customer care calls? This is the way to go. Get a complaint button on your consumer mobile app or website and let users reach out for help directly from the application. Segment these users and notify them with status of their complaints at every stage. Facilitate preventive care with timely in app tips on usage of devices.

Average customer satisfaction ratings post repair went up-to 4 stars, 5 being the maximum

Product Feedback

Get qualitative insights from your customers about your products. Improve your manufacturing processes using valuable insights from your internal workforce.

Users responded to a survey on a workforce management application

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