Our Solutions for
Learning Management


Be there for your user to go for that extra mile to complete a learning session. Use Upshot to motivate them

  • In-app Message: Notify user when a new topic is added to their favorite category.
  • Push: Send gentle reminders to users who did not complete a learning session
  • Email : Run email campaigns for users who did not visit the app in the last 15 days with all the interesting stuff they are missing out on!


Who doesn't like recognition for their efforts. Encourage your users with rewards as and when they complete a milestone. See how Upshot can make this extremely captivating

  • Badges: Reward your users with badges on accomplishing various milestones in the app journey.
  • Leaderboard: Collect your badges in your leaderboard and see what needs to be done to unlock the next badge.
  • Coupons: Give exciting promotional offers and coupons to loyal users and new users.

Social Acclaim

Let your users share their success on social media and contribute to brand building. Use Upshot to make this extremely engaging.

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