Our Solutions for
Independent Software Vendors

Pilot Testing

Release your MVP to specific users across the globe, using Upshot collect its usage data and analyze data to gather insights to decide the future course of your product’s evolution. A/B test features with real users, on successful adoption roll out the features to your entire users with ease.

A healthcare company ran a pilot test with 2000 app users to define its future product roadmap. Only five out of the ten features of the test app were released in the final product based on the response received in the pilot study from the users.

Product Onboarding

Smooth onboarding sets great first impression and increases the chance of converting free trial users. Using Upshot send personalised tutorials to your users during the right engagement moments with your product. Send contextual screen tips based on user’s geography, role in an organisation, function, usage permissions etc.

22% Increase in views of tutorials and screen tips

Usage Intelligence

A great product roadmap is the one that is backed by data and insights obtained from real users. Know your star features and tune them to gain competitive advantage, know your hardly used features and try to innovate them.

Understand how users tend to flow through various screens of your application and what are the drop off areas. Combine quantitative analysis with qualitative feedback received from users from Upshot micro surveys and polls and get a comprehensive view of your product usage.

User Engagement

Users at different stages in their product journey need to be engaged differently. Stay in a constant touch with your users using a host of engagement tools provided by Upshot. Send emails for product feature tips, blogs, news etc. Use in-app pop-ups to inform what's new.

Identify the right set of users and conduct quizzes, put the results on a leaderboard to give a gamified experience. Build a sense of community by conducting opinion polls and publish live results.

Push Messages: Send catchy taglines about your products as messages to your users.

Mini quizzes: Conduct mini quizzes about your brands and learn about the state of brand awareness amongst your users.

Blogs & other Resources