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Medication Adherence

You built a mobile app or website that prevents patients from forgetting to take medications on time. Now ensure that they use it regularly.

Upshot.AI offers activities and immediate incentives—reward points, competitions, reminders and games that make taking medications easy and fun. True adherence requires intrinsic motivation, which we develop by using behavioral principles like positive reinforcement.

Higher level of patient engagement helps in developing good health habits amongst the patients.

Average user’s increase in total Rx fills

Patient Engagement

Do you want your users to open your app more often and spend more time on it?

Upshot.AI provides a wide range of engagement programs focused on educating the users through health tips or motivating them to follow the prescriptions using progress charts, badges and leaderboards. It can help in designing engagement workflows across all your applications nudging patients towards compliance.

Higher level of patient engagement helps in developing good health habits amongst the patients.

Average time spent on website per user per month


Make the most of the data you capture.

Upshot.AI processes demographics (age, gender, location and more), user behaviour (medicine adherence, refills, etc.) and qualitative data obtained through surveys and ratings, to give you deep user insights.

The Upshot.AI dashboard provides you reports in rich charts format with powerful filtering capabilities to let you drill down to a specific user or analyse aggregate values at an higher level. You can also create your own custom reports and introduce KPIs which get updated in real time to gather insights on the go and tailor your services accordingly.

Group your patients based on their behavior. Some examples:

  • Patients who have not ordered a refill
  • Users who are < 15 days old in the app
  • Users who have not used the app in last 15 days


Make each healthcare user smarter by guiding them about the right topic at the right moment.

Healthcare industry is evolving everyday. There is always something new that can be very useful to your users. For example, if your app helps patients with kidney problems, you can configure an app news bulletin specific to their condition.

Using interesting pop-ups, push notifications or video tutorials, you can send relevant information to the right users at the right time.

Increase in views of health content


Foster loyalty in your users by creating a two-way dialogue.

Using Upshot.AI you can create dynamic launch screens within your app and use them to inform users about your brand. Upshot.AI can also help you capture VoC (voice of customer) from users that matter the most to you. You can segment these users based on their feedback and implement ways to help them better.

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