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Employee Life-cycle Management


Is your challenge employee inefficiency, attrition, or lack of motivation? The answer lies within your employees. Listen to them to drive greater employee engagementand to harness your workforce for greater business impact.

Upshot Feedback, helps you listen to your employees continuously, provides real time analytics and let’s you act on the insights.

  • In-the-moment feedback mechanisms: Send personalised and well timed Surveys, Polls and Ratings to employees across all digital touchpoints.
  • Ring the Bell: Employees feel heard and can directly reach out to the top management whenever they want.

Learning &

Despite spending a lot on employee learning and development, do you still grapple with how to improve their skills and productivity ? Upshot learning and development module lets you train employees by feeding small bits of information daily making learning a habit.

You can design quizzes on the fly to test employees and reward them with badges for their responses.

With Upshot Learning and Development module, a 6000 employees company saw:

  • In-the-moment training mechanisms: Send short learning cards or videos on launch to train users daily.
  • Assessments and Rewards: Make employees take quizzes and rank them on a leaderboard. Give badges for motivating them to learn more.

Rewards &

Rewards are secret to employee motivation. Make all your rewards and recognition programs more effective with Upshot. You can now display employee names on a leaderboard to create a sense of healthy competition and motivate them by awarding badges.

With Upshot Employee Speak, A 6000 employee company saw:

  • In-the-moment Badges: Surprise users with badges
  • Hall of fame Card: Every time an employee hits the app, the splash screen dynamically shows the top five employees of the month. We call it the Hall Of Fame!

Organizational Culture

How well do your employees know your organisation’s values? Do they know what is the CEO's vision for the quarter ? Or what were the company's reported profits for the last quarter ? Upshot in-the-moment messages will bring a sense of belongingness amongst the employees.

With Upshot Communications, a 6000 employees company saw:

  • In-the-moment Messages: Well timed messages will make sure you deliver the right messages to the right kind of employees.
  • Personalised Push Notifications and Email: If you still are an email fan, we promise you that your employees will not miss them. Upshot segmentation will let you deliver extremely well timed and personalised email and web/mobile push notifications to right audience.

fun &

Is your organisation a fun place to work at ? In stimulating environment, employees foster innovation, creativity and learning - all key factors to successful organizations. Use Upshot quizzes and mini-games to add more fun to your workplace.

With Upshot Employee Speak, A 6000 employees company saw:

  • In-the-moment Polls: Wouldn't it be interesting to know what your colleagues think about trending topics? Upshot polls not only let you express opinion but also understand what others perceive about an event. You can run Upshot polls to build excitement for an upcoming employee event or take an organisation wide perspective on an employee policy.
  • Minigames to add fun to the workplace: Imagine opening your work app to play a small game that could help learn more about the organisation. With Upshot minigames, you hold the power to gamify anything you want in the organisation.

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