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Learning Regime

Are you worried about how to keep your users intrigued about your app? Not just curious, keep the learning process interesting for the users. It is important that the user makes learning a regular habit. And to achieve this, you can use Upshot’s interesting in-app messages,push and e-mail notifications.

Average users' response to Upshot surveys


Give your users that extra boost to help them be a regular learners. Recognize their activity on your app and give them interesting badges or offer coupons. What’s more? you can display our leaderboard in your app and let the users know how far they are from receiving their goodie!

Session frequency increased by 2x times

Social Acclaim

Allow your users to share their success on social media and contribute to brand building. Use Upshot to make this extremely engaging.

12% increase in app installs


Engage your regular users with short assessments and let them know how well they are doing. Using Upshot? you can create short multiple choice quiz regarding their favorite topic. Conduct short quizzes like “Contest of the Month” and declare a winner. Users will not only be thrilled to participate but also make a constant effort to keep the learning process going.

65% of the users who were shown short quizzes opted to take them rather than skipping them

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