Our Solutions for
Customer Lifecycle Management


Are you sure your users are aware of all the app features? See what Upshot can do:

  • Splash screen: Upshot let's you show a new launch screen on every app launch!. Tell users more about your offerings or brand right on the splash screen.
  • Tutorials: Use simple tutorials to help your users understand the app better.

User Engagement

Users at different stages in their app journey need to be engaged differently. We help you not only identify these user groups but also keep them occupied with the most relevant engagement tool.

  • Badges: Reward your users with badges on accomplishing various milestones in the app journey.
  • Push Messages: Send catchy push messages to users who have not made a purchase.
  • Email Notifications: Send interesting personalised mails to users who have not visited your app in the last 7 days.


With Upshot you can now predict the users who are most likely to uninstall your app soon. Use this predictive information and take relevant actions to control your churn rate.


Seek feedback from your users at appropriate engagement moments when they are most likely to be delighted. Upshot sends the happy users to the app store thus boosting your app store rating and lets you handle the unsatisfied users within the app, avoiding negative reviews on the app store.


Cross-selling is a good way to offer your existing users a targeted alternative, giving them a lucrative opportunity to convert. You can do this effectively by identifying the perfect target user group to run after.

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