Our Solutions for
Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Consumer insights

To be truly customer centric, CPG companies need to collect insights for each target customer segment (B2B and B2C) and category, at each stage of the purchasing funnel. Upshot helps clients apply needs-based research and segmentation techniques that get to the real drivers of consumer behavior and help identify the most promising target groups.

Online CPG retail sales are growing 15% a year against against just 1.5 percent for overall retail sales

CPG Analytics

Our analytics solution provides you live insights on your promotions, offers, merchandising and marketing campaigns.Understand how the costs and potential sales benefits of offerings in different segments compare. Analyze how products are moving and where will the future sales hotspots come from.

Get the reports you want:

  • Cart Abandonment Rate
  • Top 10 brands of the month
  • Percentage of repeat purchases
  • Demand Analysis
  • Retail Conversion Rate
  • Size of an average shopping cart

Pilot Studies and Scale

Using Upshot conduct pilots and experiments, to test and refine the strategy and concepts on a small scale before rolling them out across globally. This includes new products and promotional offerings to the consumer as well as supply-chain capabilities and concepts.Upshot actively promotes and accelerates scale.

Response rate on pilot tests conducted by an app using Upshot

Brand Engagement

Make your marketing campaigns more playful and engaging using Upshot’s gamification and short quizzes. Spread brand awareness with short quizzes and mini games on your products and reward winners with creative badges and goodies.

Push Messages:

Send catchy taglines about your products as messages to your users.

Mini quizzes:

Conduct mini quizzes about your brands and learn about the state of brand awareness amongst your users.

Mini Games:

Add more fun to your application by launching customised mini-games. Upshot provides a bunch of predefined games for you to further engage users. Let users spin-the-wheel daily to earn points they can redeem at a later point in time.

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