Is Push Notification equivalent to spamming?

Building an awesome application is one thing, engagement and retention is another. According to Appiterate “annoying notifications” is the biggest reason for users to uninstall an application. However, thinking it as a form of spam and not using it would be even bigger a disaster. Push Notification is definitely one of the most effective technique to improve your user  engagement and retention metrics. At least that is what research says – According to global-marketing company,  70% of users find notifications valuable and 43% would most likely use an app that sent them push notifications. On the other hand, only 32% of app users disable push notifications for the apps.

It is unfortunate that this technique is underused, or rather used but in an inappropriate way. Push notifications, if made relevant can be a boon to a user – imagine you got on a train just because you had received a push one hour before the train time warning you of some road closure on your route!

Upshot’s powerful segmentation will make sure your push is extremely relevant and context driven. Here are four important tips to remember while sending a push.


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