Think Mobile : Brand Awareness

Sowmya Tirumanisetti

Your potential audience is surrounded by at least 2 mobile devices, where they spend at least 52% of their digital media time. And these numbers are only on the rise. How can we be sure that the users not only download the app but also use it actively? We need to create brand awareness through … Continue reading Think Mobile : Brand Awareness

Is Push Notification equivalent to spamming?


Building an awesome application is one thing, engagement and retention is another. According to Appiterate “annoying notifications” is the biggest reason for users to uninstall an application. However, thinking it as a form of spam and not using it would be even bigger a disaster. Push Notification is definitely one of the most effective technique … Continue reading Is Push Notification equivalent to spamming?


narendra peesapati

LIFE OF A MOBILE APP ( Strategy —> Build —> Acquire —> Analyze —> Engage —> Monetize —> Retain —> Upgrade)! The Mobile App ecosystem is maturing and becoming increasingly complex, and to succeed, beyond a killer product and discoverability, a plan is needed for the user’s journey after install. Approximately 50,000 new apps are … Continue reading LIFE OF A MOBILE APP

The then-and-now of Mobile Retention


As individuals, everyone has ideas they wish to turn into customers. With more than a million B2C applications in the mobile app stores, we know individuals have invested in their ideas to transform them into overwhelming applications that can change the way we live. All is well until they turn their eyes to their analytical … Continue reading The then-and-now of Mobile Retention