Our Solutions for

Product Adoption

How well are you using your data? Upshot provides consumer focused analytics on data captured across mobile and website applications. You can use this data to send targeted messages, tutorials and tips promoting net banking and phone banking.

Upshot helped get 40% more users on phone banking.

Customer relationship management

Feedback and communication is the key to Customer relationship management. We make qualitative data collection less intrusive and relevant. Design your own templates of collecting data and time them perfectly. Segment users based on their responses and take appropriate actions for your unsatisfied users.

  • Average customer rating on bank customer services before using Upshot was 2.
  • Average customer rating on bank customer services after using Upshot became 3.

Cross sell Financial Products

Successful cross selling is the one that helps users buy products they need. You can achieve this effectively by identifying the perfect user group to be targeted based on all the data you capture on Upshot. You can also import relevant data from other sources to take better decisions.

of the users the credit card offer on app, actually applied for one via the app.

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